Gaia Akadeemia

Gaia Akadeemia

Gaia Akadeemia lähtub rahvusvahelisest Gaia Hariduse õppekavast, mille märksõnadeks on terviklik elukäsitlus ja kogemuslikkus.

EDE 2019

International EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) course will be held in September 2019 hosted by Gaia Academy in Small Footprint Eco-village. Site visits will be organized to Equilibre Park in Koordi village and Lilleoru Learning Centre in Rae Parish.

The Estonian EDE program – “The Basics of Holistic Lifestyle” is a one-month course that focuses on acquiring knowledge and practices from an holistic perspective that support creating communal projects and cocreating the better world.

As part of Gaia Education, the program is based on four dimensions:

  • Ecological aspect – how to co-exist in harmony with nature – by building ecological houses, growing food, producing less waste and pollution.
  • Economical aspect – how cooperative and value-based economy models work, communal management and economy, social entrepreneurship, shared economy.
  • Social aspect – how to understand each other better and communicate more efficiently, including working with conflicts and creating cooperation between groups and individuals.
  • Worldview – holistic perspective of oneself – who am I, why I am, creating connection with inner, outer and spiritual world.

Different topics in the curriculum:

  • Basics of ecological and cooperation based worldview
  • Learning from nature, listening, noticing, different activities in the nature
  • Ecodesign based physical and social planning, permaculture
  • Creating and managing a community
  • Communication, decision making, solving conflicts, creating good atmosphere
  • Personal empowerment and leadership
  • Different ecological and socially supportive economical models, shared economy
  • Social and community entrepreneurship, complementary monetary systems
  • Ecological building
  • Food, food growing, healthiness
  • Restoring and healing nature
  • Communal education, new schools
  • Worldview in different communities, creativity and art in everyday life
  • Overview of different sustainable initiations, eco-communities, transition towns etc.
  • Practical group works


  • Training dates: 1– 27 September (arrivals welcome on August 30)
  • Country: Estonia
  • Language: English
  • Facebook:
  • Contact:


Early-early bird: 680 EUR until April 30, 2019
Early bird: 780 EUR until June 15, 2019
REGULAR fee:  880 EUR until August 25, 2019
It’s possible to pay in two parts by the given dates. A non-returnable registration fee 150 EUR applies on the first installment.

The EDE course will be followed by open invites Sustainability Hackathon (EcoHack) on 28-29 September 2019.

Small Footprint Community is an eco-community founded in the end of 2012 and since 2014 it is located in Mõisamaa manor. Nowadays 13 adults and 10 children are living in the community. There are 33ha of land and 6 residential houses that are being renovated as ecologically as possible. Trainings at Small Footprint community are directed at the different aspects of sustainable lifestyle (economic, social, worldview and ecologic). The main focus is on the social aspect of sustainable life.

Gaia Academy is an education institution for holistic lifestyle studies. Gaia Academy is part of Estonian Ecovillage Association and both are working together to contribute for sustainable development education. Institution offers different Gaia Education based courses for adults and hosts different other holistic courses.

Together we create the ground for new and sustainable projects!

More details will follow soon.

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