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Training of Trainers

Gaia Education Training of Trainers course is answering a worldwide demand for skilled facilitators able to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations that enable collaborative action.

The aim of the Training of Trainers is first and foremost, to help you deepen your experience in how to teach, facilitate and train people by enabling collaboration and participation among a community of learners. In addition, we support and hope to inspire you to identify what you are most deeply called to teach, and most importantly, why participatory methods are so critically important for the engagement of communities and the future of life on Earth.

Our Training of Trainers course is content rich, action-based, and led by our most experienced facilitators. The ToT in Estonia will be facilitated by a trainer that have decades of experience in their role as facilitators of positive change – Jane Rasbash.

Time: November 15-17, 2019

Location: The Course is hosted by Lilleoru community 25 km from Tallinn.

Price: 346 EUR, inc accommodation and food

Find out more about individual price options on the course page here:

Gaia Academy draws its values from international Gaia Education curriculum and is a holistic lifestyle study institution which functions under the umbrella of Estonian Eco-communities Network (GEN-Estonia). Gaia Education is an international holistic curriculum, which stands on four pillars: social, ecological, commerce and worldview.